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We’re really proud to show you this success story. This client came to us completely new to the Amazon ecosystem with a brand new account. Impressively this jumped from zero revenue to $218,000 per month in just the first 14 months of business.

Databrill consulted on:

  • Copy
  • Design
  • Keywords
  • High quality images
  • Listing optimization
Databrill Case Study
Databrill Case Study

This client was new to selling on Amazon. The goal was to create maximum revenue as quickly as possible and help this newcomer improve all aspects of PPC management. Our support and know-how with important issues like inventory management and stock control allowed them to focus on their offline business. After improved optimization, this partnership became a clear success.

 Due to the inexperience of the new seller, certain listings went out of stock twice during the early part of the campaign. After inventory management and fixing paid advertising issues, sales jumped sharply

from 500 to a massive 7000 units per day.
On Amazon 10% is a good conversion rate across the industry. Here we achieved 21%.
You can see big variations in the ACoS figures. In this case certain listings ran out of stock on better selling products.
The conversion rate peaked as the best selling items’ stock levels returned with an attractive ACoS of 24%.
Long tail keywords help increase the number of search terms to boost PPC sales. Here we did that to great effect.
This campaign has four main product groups with a total of 50 SKUs.

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Databrill Case Study


Our first client from early 2018 has products in the business sector and almost 400 SKUs. The listings are a mix of seasonal products and everyday items that sell consistently all year around.

Databrill Case Study

Here there is a clear difference in the build up to Christmas in the first Q4 vs the second Q4 – the sales volume doubles.
In order to prevent items going out of stock, the daily spend was capped for certain periods.

Other products outside of the best sellers had good sales numbers during the start of the main Covid period, so we wanted to limit the sales from ads. Despite all the stock-outs on the variants the account still performed very well. These numbers are especially valued by our client due to the especially high competition in this market.

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This is an unusual account and worth some attention.
The first 60 days show figures before the client joined- so PPC was all done by the seller.
At the beginning of 07-01 our campaigns were added – as well as a new product- so of course the overall spend increased.
Very quickly,  the new product goes out of stock. We then start to introduce our campaign strategy alongside the client’s original method to find the sweet spot.

Databrill Case Study
Databrill Case Study

Next we moved everything completely over to Databrill’s PPC system. Between 09-01 and 10-01 the sales numbers rocket sharply. We make sharp adjustments to avoid going out of stock. At this point the client limits the spend. Even at this stage, the products are capital intensive and with the campaign spend cap they are still impressive at more than double the previous sales figure.

The ACoS remains stable. Later, the sales dip slightly- largely due to maintaining stock levels in order to avoid  issues with re-ranking or losing momentum.