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Scalable Amazon PPC Management

No set up costs ● No long term contracts ● No hidden fees

How it Works

Step One

We schedule a discovery call to better understand your specific business needs to boost your product visibility and reduce your advertising costs

Step Two

We employ our advanced technology and in-house team to get you the very best insights and outcomes based on your customers’ behaviors and actions.

Step Three

This is where the fun begins. We launch your carefully-structured campaigns and optimize both short and long-terms goals in order to reduce your ACoS and scale up your business.


Brand Analytics

Product Listing


Amazon Fulfilment

Buyer Communication

Buyer Solicitation

Selling Partner Insights

Finance and Accounting

Inventory and Order Tracking

Why Choose Us?


Our proprietary system manages millions of keywords on a granular basis by uniquely combining manpower with AI. Most PPC companies rely too heavily on automated programs while ignoring the importance of human implementation. We don’t.


Our system gets your product and business up on Amazon quickly and efficiently without the overwhelming task of filling out Flat Files.
We simplify the process so you can focus on branding and scaling your business.


Our cutting-edge technology is based on bleeding-edge statistical methods. We use our own in-house systems and manpower to carefully curate results that you won’t find using any other software programs on the market.

Simple Pricing, No “Fine Print”

✓ NO COMMISSION ON YOUR TURNOVER: Why? This allows us to focus on each product separately rather than only targeting SKUs that would maximize our profits. We keep it honest so you can trust us with every single one of your products.

✓ NO COMMISION ON YOUR PROFITS: Enjoy clear pricing with no additional or hidden costs. Our service and ethos is built on our commitment to be cost effective for your business with no demand for a return.

✓ NO COMMISSION FROM YOUR ADVERTISING SPEND: Our only goal is to better your advertising and conversion numbers. We only increase your spend if it will benefit your business and your business, alone. 

Simple Onboarding

✓ DISCOVERY: On our initial call, we discuss your plans and goals. We provide clear details on how your business can scale and how best to maximize your sponsored ads strategy.

✓ STRATEGY: Once we have established clear targets for strategy and management, we will plug into your Seller Central account and start the discovery process and campaign creation.

✓ LAUNCH: We launch the discovery phrase using our advanced technology algorithms to pan for keyword gold, thus finding search terms that you are currently not utilizing. At the same time, we blacklist terms that aren’t generating revenue.

Simple Management

✓ ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Liaise with your own, dedicated Account Manager to track progress and adjust targets.

✓ REGULAR CAMPAIGN REPORTING: Enjoy customized reports with your predefined targets delivered to you on a monthly basis. 

✓ DATA OPTIMIZATION: Databrill’s sophisticated algorithms are constantly optimizing your data. This ongoing mining technique improves data collection which, in turn, brings you increased sales.  

Databrill Man Versus The Machine

Man Versus The Machine

Humans simply cannot achieve what we do at scale. We integrate advanced team management with complex algorithms and machine learning to achieve optimal results for you and your business.

Why We’re Trusted By 7 & 8 Figure Sellers

We Use Superior Methods Than Our Competitors

We use a combination of your current data, auto campaigns, and our custom tools for expansive search term deep dives. These methods mean we are able to crunch data on hundreds – if not thousands – of keywords per SKU. Our methods greatly improve your chance at success over the limitations of subscriptions tools which do not use such scaled-processing and cutting-edge algorithmic system rules.

We Test Each Keyword At a Granular Level

Sellers often become attached to their favorite keywords because they “feel” they are the right choice without any real testing to substantiate it.  Our algorithms test keyword probability at a granular level which means each keyword is assigned rules to avoid campaign waste. We take away any guess work or mental stress out of burning through advertising budgets.

We Treat Your Bids As if It Was Our Own Money

It is very easy for sellers to respond emotionally to PPC and bid high for the top slots. This is when ego trumps science. While natural, we have to remember that, on Amazon, we are fighting for customers in a competitive supply-and-demand marketplace. Our advanced bidding algorithms work for you and your budget by using proven data sets to determine the right cost-per-click. Then, we adjust accordingly to these changes in the marketplace.

What We Do

What We Don’t Do